One of our banners is a thorough analysis of the results and their contrast with reality. All our projects involve extensive planning. This includes simulation and analysis tools that provide us through different theoretical calculations prospects for the work to be performed.. For this reason we have an engineering department that makes us 100% autonomous to study high transportation engineering detail..


We use art tools to analyze every detail the country's roads. Our studies of paths are serious, professional and are 100% made by our engineering team. Not only we visualize the physical conditions of the route but further analyze the security and social factors that may have for the mobilization of a burden.


Before starting a project, it is essential to make basic studies to take full knowledge of the area, which results in the generation of basic information necessary to conclude on the approach embodied satisfactory solutions first draft and then final drafts real and enforceable. The designer should adequately informed of the difficulties and benefits that characterize the bridges before any mobilization on these. The results should be the result of a comparative study of various alternatives, and that is the best answer within the limitations and variations of behavior from each of the bridges.


Our planning and advice starts with identifying the needs of the project, such as:
  • Purpose of the project.
  • Dates advisable.
  • Profile of equipment.
  • Purpose of the project.
  • Budget analysis.
  • Equipment selection according to the Project Objective.
  • Preparation of customer meetings.
  • Advice from our professional experts.
  • Selection of execution paths, Critical.
  • Organization of complementary activities, loading, unloading, escorts.
  • Personalization of services, documentation, schedules, reports.
  • Support and service delivery.
  • Development of the event and project supervision.